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We are excited to publish and promote not only the music from our games, but other original music as well. Stay tuned for more news!

About Us

We are LABS, a video game development and music production team.


Founded in 2018 by Matt Kap (creator of Castle In The Darkness), the idea was to bring together a team of trusted collaborators to work together to make better games than what was possible working alone. Although LABS is still in a stage of infancy, we have some exciting projects in the works. The first to see the light of day is Astalon: Tears Of The Earth- an 8-bit styled exploration platformer, and the start of a new series.


The coming years will have a lot of surprises from us, so follow us on social media (links at the bottom of the page), and please look forward to the day that we can unleash our games onto your screens! Thank you!

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More characters, and profile bios coming soon!

Want to help or join the team? We're always looking for more collaborators or team members! Get in touch at pr@labs.works!

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